Getaboard Foundation & Marlindo Resort Raffle Vacation Giveaway

To Benefit At-Risk Youth, Winner Chosen March 15, 2014 Great Odds Overall


Feb 28, 2014

Popoyo, Nicaragua and Orlando, Florida

With Raffle Ending in 15 Days, Odds Are “Epic”

With only 15 days left to enter the raffle and also help at-risk youth through the (5013C) charitable Getaboard Foundation, Marlindo Resort’s Ultimate Vacation Giveaway is a fantastic opportunity to help inner-city youth through skateboarding, surfing, art, and educational programs in turn showing them that the world is bigger than the gangs, drugs and violence they see every day in their environments. With less then 300 tickets sold to date, it’s also phenomenal odds: Just one $20 entry could win you a trip for four to Popoyo, Nicaragua, and a surf/ fishing vacation of your dreams.

Marlindo Resort was founded by proprietor Jeff Tome, who has strong roots in the East Coast surfing community, specifically south Florida, going back thirty years. Tome started from humble beginnings in Florida’s West Palm Beach area, and fell in love with surfing and the ocean at a young age. As he began exploring the world looking for the perfect wave, he supported his dreams by becoming a skilled captain and die hard fisherman, as well as a professional chef in the process. Working on million dollar yachts for celebrities and wealthy businessmen in exclusive coastal resort communities around the world, Tome helped guests catch trophy fish during the day and turned them into world class fine dining cuisine at night. Along the way, Jeff would catch epic world class waves, sometimes all by himself, in such places as Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico and of course Nicaragua, where he planted permanent roots and where he founded Marlindo Resort.

Over many years and much hard work (and a little luck!), Jeff has built a world class reputation as a highly qualified fishing charter captain, chef and surf guide. Now Mr. Tome is excited to announce the Grand Opening of his first full-featured hotel and restaurant complex, Marlindo Resort. Encompassing all three of his favorite passions; Surfing, Fishing and Cuisine in one location, Tome has committed to providing a level of service and amenities for visitors from all over the world that is unrivaled. at any price.

Never forgetting where he came from, Jeff would like to show his appreciation to the East Coast surfing community for helping nurture his passion as a child to travel and explore the world, looking for the biggest fish and the best waves. By teaming up with the Getaboard Foundation Jeff hopes to help underprivileged and homeless children find a ray of hope during a dark time in their young lives by teaching them how to surf, skateboard, create art and ultimately educate themselves to a point to be able to rise above their surroundings. Raising awareness for the charity is also prominent in his mind. “Hopefully,” said Tome, “These kids will find their spark to explore the world around them and blaze their own trails. Marlindo Resort is proud to offer its accommodations, Gourmet food, expert surf guides and charter fishing staff as a prize for the lucky winner of this awesome raffle!”

Jeff continued; “Please help change the lives of homeless and underprivileged children through the efforts of the Getaboard Foundation. At the end of the day, these children will become the real winners.”

About Getaboard

Getaboard is 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to positively impact homeless, underprivileged and at-risk youth through action sports, art and education. Since 2003 Getaboard has taught over 2500 children how to surf, skate and create art to help them build self-esteem, self-confidence and a positive self image. Our goal is to provide each child a chance to explore the world and themselves through action sports, art and education Website:

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About Marlindo Resort

Located in beautiful Popoyo, Nicaragua and with some of the best fishing and surf spots imaginable, Marlindo Resort caters to adventurers, fishermen, and surfers from all walks of life and from all over the world. From it’s beautiful, brand new hotel and restaurant, to high-end fishing boat, gear, and other amenities, Marlindo Resort is aiming to be the diamond in the rough in the area. Small and staying that way, Marlindo Resort focuses on guest interaction and personal service over bookings, and ensures that groups at any given time remain smaller to provide this personalized attention. From the best fish and surf guides, to the most creative cuisine at every meal, Marlindo Resort should be on your short list of places to look at when thinking of a trip to the Popoyo, Nicaragua area.

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