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Marlindo & Nicaragua: World-Class in the Best Ways

The fishing in Nicaragua can be described as world class. In the past several years international sport fishing magazines such as Marlin Magazine, and Salt Water Sportsman have sent journalists and photographers down here to document the great fishery that exists. This international attention has resulted in several articles being written in the above mentioned magazines and also cover shots for issues of both Pacific Coast Sport Fishing Magazine and Australia’s Blue Water Magazine.

Jeff is a true fisherman, but his passion for the fun and excitement of it is also tempered with wisdom. He explains; “Having grown up  with an expert hunter and fisherman for a Grandfather and an uncle who served in the U.S. Coast Guard before he owned his own marina, I was educated from an early age on the importance of boating safety first and foremost.” Tome gets serious for a moment as he continues. “Safety is the primary objective. Everything else after that is just a bonus. Making sure our guests thoroughly enjoy themselves but also get home safely is a prime directive for all of us at Marlindo Resort.”


Experience? We’ve Got That Covered.

Jon Schwartz Photo copyright 2012

Many resorts in the area rely on Marlindo Resort’s charter boat service to give their guests a premium fishing experience during their stay. Whether staying at Marlindo or just coming for a day of fishing, contact us today.

Even better than us telling you about how amazing the fishing is here, see for yourself! Thanks to Bryan McMandon of Nicaragua Surf Report for allowing us to share his video.

Description: Pancho goes fishing with Capt. Jeff “Josco” Tome on the Marlindo in Nicaragua. Total catch is 2 Bonitos, 3 Mackerels, 10 Dorados (Mahi-Mahi), 1 Roosterfish and one Sailfish.

Sounds like a great catch! Why not be next? Book your trip today!

Guest Testimonial

Christopher Boothby, M.P.A, N.H.A.

Boothby Therapy Services

As someone who has been in Nicaragua for nearly a decade, I’ve tried just about every fishing guide service.  Jeff provides a hard core fishing experience that is 100% dedicated to the proposition that the reason I charter is simply “TO CATCH FISH”!
I’m not there for the sightseeing (amazing views of the volcano’s and landscapes), or to watch in wonder at the marine life (dolphins so close you can literally get wet from the water expelled from their blow hole) or the boat ride home (Jeff is mobile enough to go where the fish are).   I’m there to catch fish and Jeff gives me the best chance.  I’ve had 4 Sailfish days (followed by physical therapy!), Dorado on light tackle that just kept leaping into the sky and enough Mackerela ending up on my grill to keep a party of 50 full and happy that night.
If you want to catch fish…………………….Jeff is your guy.

Small Resort Attention. Big Resort Service.

Book your next trip with Marlindo Resort today. Find out for yourself why larger, more commercial resorts in the area such as Rancho Santana, Hacienda Iguanas, Magnific Rock, and many others hire Marlindo Resort Charters almost exclusively (when we’re available, that is!) for all of their clients’ fishing needs.

Building a reputation like ours take years, not months. Reputations and relationships have been cooked slowly, not microwaved.  At Marlindo, we work to refine and polish everything we offer, and day after day our goal is simple. Do it better than last time.

That’s the Marlindo way, and that’s no fish tale.

More on Fishing With Us in Nicaragua

In-shore fishing here results in catches of (oh so tasty, especially when Chef Jeff’s cooking!) Sierra Mackerel, Rooster fish, Jack Crevalle, various Snapper and Grouper species, and much more. 

Offshore fishing catches can range from billfish like Pacific Sailfish,  to blue, black and striped marlin.  Hook wild wahoo, acrobatic Dorado, yellow fin tuna and many other species, who are waiting for you to drop your lines. Book your trip now and experience fishing Nicaragua the Marlindo way.

Your captain and first mate are highly respected in the area as one of the best crews to charter with, and once the safety issues have been properly addressed, they have only one goal left to achieve; to put a smile on your face and fillets in the cooler!