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The Marlindo Resort Difference: Fine Dining, Top Chef

Along with being Marlindo’s General Manager, Jeff  Tome is also our executive chef. He is highly respected in the area for his cuisine of all kinds, but especially so for his creative seafood dishes, and the best sushi around. How fresh is what Jeff serves? Guests, more often than not, will have caught what is presented to them at dinnertime the very same day! His passion for great guest experience extends of course to their stomachs. Preparation and presentation are second to none, and guests  and residents from  all over the area will come to Marlindo for a chance to taste what “Chef Jeff” is (catching and) serving each evening. “We do not and will not cut culinary corners on the dishes we place in front of anyone,” Jeff explains. “The way we look at the culinary side of what we do here at Marlindo is that it doesn’t matter how good the food was yesterday. What matters is what our kitchen staff has to offer guests next.” FInally Tome added; “Whatever we’re doing now should always be better than the last time, if humanly possible. That’s basically my philosophy when it comes to food and the dining experience. We’re only as good as the next meal we put out.” Jeff was classically trained in a 2 year culinary program and has been cooking professionally now for more than 15 years. He has trained a majority of the local Nicaraguans working in the food service industry in this zone (Popoyo) over the past 10 years. Additionally, he has managed kitchens at popular places like Popoyo Surf Lodge, Surfari Charters, and was most recently executive chef at the exclusive Rancho Santana development. When it comes to great food and world-class service, Marlindo Resort and Mr. Tome, or as we like to call him  around here “Cheffrey” have got you covered. Thats a promise. Finally, Jeff had this to add as his verbal garnish; ”We’ve worked extremely hard building our solid reputation the past 10 years down here and we’re very pleased to be able to offer to you our guests, a worry free, no hassle Nicaraguan vacation experience. With an emphasis on great food and great service, of course!”